Raja Jewellers History

In 1928, in a small corner of Chatham Street, Colombo 01, a gem stone mined from a gem mine in Ratnapura was transformed into a beautiful shining masterpiece. This was the establishment of E.A.Fernando Jewellers. Late E.A. Fernando, the founder of the company, with his creative skills took the business to the next paradigm making E.A.Fernando a brand of first preference amongst Sri Lankans.

Like a craftsman crafting a master piece out of gold mined from the earth, E.A. Fernando crafted his son Raja Fernando with knowledge and skill to elevate the business to the next level. Raja Fernando took the business forward and rebranded the company as Raja Jewellers in 1962. The skill was inherited in the blood of the family members and in 1985, sons of Raja Fernando took over the business, registering it as a limited liability company under the name Raja Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd. Raja Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd since evolved into a premium brand amongst jewellery companies. The trajectory to excellence was full of obstacles, but now Raja Jewellers stands as a giant in the industry of jewellery and gems.